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"Imagine A Day"
the Poem and Song

A few weeks before her death, Courtney wrote a poem entitled “Imagine A Day.” Her words are inspiring, poignant and timeless.

After Courtney's poem became 'known', a friend was asked to arrange her lyrics into an original song. That friend is Rob Arthur, who is an accomplished professional musician and has played with several well known artists during his career. Rob's original music and incredible vocals add a new dimension to Courtney's inspiring words. "Imagine A Day," with lyrics by Courtney Bella and music by Rob Arthur, is available for download as both intended, for free. We hope you enjoy this wonderful work and think of her as you listen to it. More information about Rob can be found below.

The Poem

IAD flowers butterflies_edited_edited_ed

Imagine a day . . .

When nothing can hurt or scare you

where everything impossible is possible.

Imagine a day . . .

When the beating of your heart

and your voice

is all you hear.

Imagine a day . . .

When the twinkling

of the night time stars

is the only thing visible.

Imagine a day . . .

When you take a nap

floating on the clouds

dreaming about

all the good in your life.

Imagine a day . . . 

When the only thing

you want to do

is fill an empty page with words

writing your story.

Imagine a day . . .

When you become best friends 

with the moon

sharing its night time splendor.

Imagine a day . . .

When all you want to do 

is wonder and think

wonder and think

just imagine . . .

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